It’s been good.
Home is nice. Wherever it is.
A bed. A garden. An orange tree.
Canyon walks… Booths. I love the booths here.
Diners. Dinners in diners. 24 hours. Pancakes at four in the morning.
Beats in bars in the middle of desert towns. Beats by bands of young men 
with boots, hats and banjos.
…and the city is full of surprises
Every day something happens that makes my neck hurt from turning quickly…
I have to stop staring. I guess it’s rude.
Can you believe that one of the biggest cities in the world still has mountain lions roaming the hills…
the cars can sound like the ocean at times.
The sirens only sound like sirens
Some pictures of some of it. 
LA and Joshua Tree. 



Heavenly Sounds show Perth. Photos by Jessie Hill

HQ xx

Heavenly Sounds Adelaide show. Photos by Jessie Hill 

HQ xx

Shots from Heavenly Sounds in Hobart last night. Melbourne tonight… All Photos by Jessie Hill…. HQ xx  

Heavenly Sounds pre-show moments … HQxx

Julia started her Heavenly Sounds tour over the weekend. Both Sydney and Brisbane shows were SOLD OUT. Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are this coming week. 

All details from:

All photos by Jessie Hill

HQ xxx


having an amazing trip down in South Australia. Fresh peaches, oyster farming and beaches where we’re the only people. Here’s some pics. Hope everyone is having a great start to the year! See you soon.

Julia xx’ 

Julia will be back on the road next week with the Heavenly Sounds tour starting FEB 14 in Sydney. All details here: … HQ xx